A Blast From The Past, Can You Dig It?

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I threw my youthful caution to the wind and as luck would have it, I hitched a ride right away with strangers headed to the music festival in Woodstock. A white couple picked me up, not too far from my church, oh if my Mom only knew! From start to finish you could just feel lots of good vibrations surrounding everyone. We had the radio blasting in their Chevy Nova, they gave me chips to eat and coke-cola to drink, so I enjoyed the long ride to NY. We arrived in the middle of the night. I thanked them, and I headed across the field navigating my way in the dark of night to get as close to the stages as I could. The moonlight lit my way, along with a few candles, lanterns, and the red glow of joints being smoked where people had already staked their place for the festival. Needless to say, it was pretty exciting for a country boy like me experiencing all that peace, love and music in the fields of Woodstock! The music was awesome, the total experience was amazing. And even though I had to leave the festival on Saturday, I lucked out once again and I hitched my way home with two strangers who dropped me off not too far from home as they heading back home themselves to Florida. Thankfully, I made it home to perform at church that Sunday morning. Mom and Dad never said anything to me. And me, well, I had the time of my life, the only remnant of my ever being there was the larger than life smile I had on my face in church that Sunday morning and for several weeks after that I would smile for no apparent reason. Life lesson: Live fearlessly with no regrets!

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