In 1865, after the Civil War and slavery had come to an end in America our former slave brothers and sisters wanted to forget everything that reminded them of slavery and that included the spirituals and the history hidden within the music that was sacred, secret and hidden in plain view for centuries. We can all understand why they wanted to forget anything that reminded them of slavery. But by giving up the spirituals they had created during slavery to find inner strength, courage and safety to endure slavery and found that connection to the power that created us all, would mean that the sacred and secret spirituals intent would also be lost. Without the preservation of the strong moral intention of the spirituals the slaves history would slowly be forgotten. Every generation after that would succumb to those external voices that would have us believe the thought, if you are a descendant of the people who were labeled with the word slave you aren’t good enough, you aren’t smart enough, and you are less than perfect. The truth is we are all people in spite of any label we have been given, it is how we perceive ourselves that is the measure of the man.

If we move past the label of slavery to see what the enslaved people accomplished in spite of being enslaved, our perspective of history changes. The true history is inclusive rather than a one sided perspective. As a diverse nation we recognize the importance of coming together as one people as was demonstrated in the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950’s & 1960’s. Blacks and whites came together to fight the Civil War to end slavery so that our country lived up to it’s promise of freedom for all her people. And during the Civil Rights Movement, citizens of all colors and faiths came together to repeal the unjust laws of Jim Crow segregation so that human rights and civil rights apply to all of America’s citizens. We need to understand & embrace America’s priceless heritage of the spirituals music and oral history created by the people who were enslaved in this country. We need to learn about how they created an original music we call spirituals that enabled them to secretly communicate with each other, teach their young, record their history and heal their pain. Through the art of storytelling, song and dance, I unravel the mystery within this complex and continually misunderstood music by revealing the secret codes and unleashing the raw rhythmic sound frequency that captivated the world. For booking information on the history of the spirituals and for your American history programming visit:

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