H. RES 120 passed! Watch C-Span Video!

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On the morning of February 7, 2007 I was in my car on my way to the Capitol Building in Washington DC to witness the legislation I had put forth, sponsored by Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro, CT in the US Congress to honor the slaves for their gifts to our nation with our deepest gratitude and respect, and recognize the African American Spiritual as a National Treasure.

I stopped at the toll booth to pay my road toll on the NJ turnpike and as the guy handed me my receipt, my cell phone rings and it’s Dr Cornel West. He says to me “Calvin I wish I could be there with you today to witness in person this historic legislation pass in Congress. I support you 100%, now go in there and show them what it means to Wade In The Water! God bless you brother for what you’ve done.”

Just to name a few people and organizations who gave me their full measure of support:
Dr. Cornel West – Princeton University
Dr Henry Louis Gates Jr. – Harvard University
Dr Dorothy Height – Chair and President Emerita of the National Council of Negro Women
Sidney Poitier
Dr. Clement Price – Rutgers University,
Dr. Arthur C. Jones -The Spirituals Project,
Hilary Shelton- Washington Bureau Director and Senior VP for Advocacy NAACP,
Congressman John Lewis, GA
Congressional Black Caucus members
Senator Barack Obama, IL
Senator Joe Biden, DE
Senator Edward Kennedy, MA
Senator Elizabeth Dole, NC
Senator Hillary Clinton, NY
Senator Robert Menendez, NJ (Sponsor of Twin Resolution S. Res. 69)

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  1. Mittie Weston
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    I’m glad this happened. Disappointed that it was not picked up by the media. Black people living in America has always been a fight and we have never been accepted as a group of people deserving of respect and recognition. We have carried the cross of America for so long and helped the make this country rich and one of the leading nations of the world.

  2. Michael Bowie
    | Reply

    We are the ancestral voices Shamelessly professing through the spiritual songs, that We shall overcome some Day. Our spiritual sustain and remains a wonderful witness that” Ain’t nobody God but God” and once that truth has been spoken and sung no amount of apologies nor recognition can weaken it’s prophetic power.l love this country,….. but I love Jesus even more.

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