Elements Of Peace Music

Calvin Earl at James Madison's Montpelier EstateThe Elements Of Peace Music is about peace, love and music! In today’s fast paced world, sometimes our souls just need a few minutes to decompress from the stress of everyday life. The soothing sound of music, and the beauty of being in nature are just 2 ways to help remind us of our knowing that peace, joy and an abundance of love always surrounds us. Sometimes our surroundings or circumstances of our environment tell us otherwise. We can only see the fear and despair leaving us to hunger and dream for a better day. What we must realize is that a better day begins within each of us in the exact moment we decide to choose that today is that better day. It takes focus, and belief in the knowledge that we are constantly being supported, and that it’s always our choice whether we see the support and accept the support or not.

For me music helped me survive and overcome a childhood of bullying and abuse. My negative childhood experiences do not define me by my own choice. I chose then, and I continue to choose that my heart is a joyful one. Too many times in my life I’ve heard people say to me: “wipe that smile off your face boy”. Instead of doing that, I chose to believe a wonderful lady, who told me: “Calvin your smile will bring you everything you ever want in life”. That beautiful lady was my mentor and a true friend to me, her name was Mahalia Jackson. She taught me more about the power and love in the human voice, and using music to bring joy, peace and God’s love to people. Everyone suffers, everyone hurts, everyone feels alone and abandoned at one time or another in their lives and it is our job to lift their spirits to feel loved and supported again. Now, Mahalia didn’t say that in words to me, she taught me through her taking me under her protective wing, loving me by mentoring a young boy so that I wouldn’t loose hope or the courage to do what I love to do. Joy fills my heart every time I think of her. My life has been filled with support and love even when I didn’t see it. The intention of my Elements of Peace Music is to bring real music, no gimmicks or flashing lights, for people to relax and connect with one an other in kindness and love. It’s Our Humanity, Our World, Our Love. Let’s share our best with each other.

Peace, Love & Music y’all!

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