The Spirituals Helped Awaken My Soul To Live With Gratitude!

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As a cultural citizen, and a person who loves the cultural arts, music and history around the world, I have often wondered how could I make a difference. In 2006, I asked and then helped introduce Twin Resolutions to the United States Congress in hopes of preserving and honoring America’s first original music created by the slaves in the cotton fields of the Old South. In February 2007, the Twin Resolutions passed unanimously to honor our American slave ancestors for their contributions to our nation with our deepest gratitude and respect, and recognize the African American Spiritual as a National Treasure.

Check out this video which includes famous celebrities, famous American scholars from Harvard and Princeton Universities, and dedicated Civil Rights leaders, who lent their support to my efforts. Ya’ll know you want to know who helped me……… so grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the video! I’d also like to invite you to subscribe to my YouTube channel, just click on the subscribe button below the video!

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