Dr. Dorothy Height (RIP) National Council Of Negro Women

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#Connect2Culture is like connecting to the spirit of humanity. Check out my video conversation with Dr. Dorothy I. Height(Chairwoman and President Emerita of the National Council of Negro Women) regarding the African American spirituals. I was so honored she gave me her full support and the support of the National Council of Negro Women in my quest to preserve and pass Twin Resolutions in the US Congress in 2007, to recognize the African American Spirituals as a National Treasure and honor the slaves for their contributions to our nation with our deepest gratitude and respect.

FYI: The wooden cross Dr Height and I are holding in this picture of us in her office, is a cross I made from a window frame I salvaged during a construction project at “The Little Church Around The Corner” which houses the Episcopal Actors Guild in NYC. This church was a known safe haven for runaway slaves, and a route on the UGRR that the slaves received help on their journey from slavery to freedom. I wanted to preserve a little piece of history, before improvements to the building were made.

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  1. Sybrenia Lane
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    Thank you for this interview Mr. Earl. Just a couple of days ago, I was listening to some old recordings of ex slaves sharing their lives as slaves. One man was saying that the negro spirituals are the same songs (on that day of the recording) but they didn’t sound the way that they sang them in slavery days. I love the old negro spirituals and hope and pray that they are never lost, but I don’t hear them any more in my church, but I always sing what I remember, at home. Thank You for all that you are doing.

    • Calvin Earl
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      I am grateful for your comment and invite you to join the conversation on keeping the African American spirituals alive for future generations! I too am passionate about the original sound and meaning of the spirituals. The spirit within the spirituals is valuable to know. Thank you and God Bless.

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