If We Wipe Out Our Cultural History, We Wipe Out Our Future

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I know, I know history is boring right? Who needs it? It’s old, the people are old and why are the old folks still talking about the dead. The point is they’re dead, why bother right? At Grandma’s house all you hear are the old folks, telling stories around the kitchen table. Stories that don’t have any relevance in today’s Hip Hop culture at all. Totally boring. There “ain’t” nothing to do at Grandma’s house after you get your presents and you’ve scarfed down the best red velvet cake you’ve ever eaten. With no friends around to talk with, you are thanking God for your cell phone, or you’d just die of boredom, right?

Well, here’s the thing, what if you are wrong? What if Grandma’s stories were actually connected to the culture you are living in today? If we keep wiping out each generations culture as disposable garbage, what will happen to the Hip Hop culture in a few years? Without a foundation to keep a culture alive, fresh and improving and growing it’s message, the culture itself could get watered down or worse yet overtaken by a fringe element determined to destroy all evidence of it’s original intent or existence by infiltrating it like a computer virus and wipe it out?

It will be especially fascinating to see which direction American cultural history will take us in 20 years. Will the Hip Hop generation and culture be forgotten? Will anyone remember the artists in Hip Hop history that impacted the culture today or even be remembered in 20 years? Or will the next generation deny and invalidate Hip Hop as old school and boring, so forth and so on, back to the generation who actually created the original American musical culture and from which multiple music genres were born out of in our American history.

Here’s the thing, if we aren’t careful, we will have no cultural history left if we keep wiping out the history of our ancestors. Getting to know your history is empowering. I’m not saying our history is clean, perfect and totally acceptable, in fact it is quite the opposite, but the settlers, slaves and founding fathers had no choice but to work together, their lives depended upon each other to survive. Honoring and remembering our ancestors is vital to our survival, without documenting our history it will be like we were never here.

So humor me a moment and take a look at this mini documentary. It takes you back to the very beginning when the first 20 African slaves arrived in Jamestown VA where slavery was introduced to the colonies in 1619. It was from generations of slaves brought over or born on American soil that our American Cultural music heritage was born.


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