Did You Know That Spirituals Can Make You Laugh Out Loud?

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Spirituals are multi faceted and have a fun side too! Sometimes all we need is a little laughter to get us going on Monday morning. So grab a great cup of coffee, put a smile on your face and laugh out loud as you watch me make fun of myself on stage? How’s your pulse rate? You’ll understand if you watch this video and you’ll laugh your way into Tuesday!!!!!
Have a great week y’all….. Celebrating The Black Spirituals!

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  1. Charles King
    | Reply

    Mr. Earl,
    How is it the slaves, who were illiterate, learn about the Bible and be able to know about Jesus? Thank you.

    • Calvin Earl
      | Reply

      Thank you for your question. I want to first put your question in the context of American history. Here in America when the Colonies first began much of the population both white and black were illiterate, but their illiteracy didn’t stop them from building a new nation. In all of history, we as humans have done all we need to do to accomplish our goals. We’ve been able to take the impossible and make it possible, especially here in America. If we want to learn we find a way.

      The word illiterate by definition means a person can’t read and write. It doesn’t mean or suggest that an illiterate person is not intelligent or unable to learn, hear or speak to communicate effectively with others. Also being illiterate doesn’t limit that person from teaching others.

      The slaves here in America learned about Jesus Christ and the Bible by listening to those teaching them about the subject. Many Abolitionists, and Quakers deeply believed and fought to end slavery because they believed human slavery was not merely wrong, it was incompatible with moral and natural law. They happily taught the slaves about Jesus Christ and the Bible because they felt is was their duty to live by the principles they preached. In addition other Christian churches and evangelist preachers came down South to teach the slaves about the Bible, and most slave masters had no objection to this.

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