Calvin Earl at James Madison's Montpelier Estate

I proudly honor our ancestors and preserve the history of the African American Spirituals and oral history. I travel the back roads of America in search of the music and stories of the people that had traveled on the Underground Railroad. The very fact that the true essence of a human spirit and the dignity of one’s soul is revealed in the first utterance of a spiritual speaks volumes about the character and phenomenal beauty, strength and integrity of our ancestors who created a music like no other in the world.

My own passion for the history of the African American spirituals has led me on a personal journey to find the core essence and true intention of a music born in the cotton fields of the Old South. Along the way I discovered much more than music. I would like to share my journey with you through my music and storytelling.

I knew most slaves are not even remembered by their names or their families legacy, but they left us the spirituals to tell their story. What I did not know was they also left other distinct markers hidden in plain view for us to find so their legacy would one day be revealed. It is time to tell their story. Find out more at one of my concert/lectures or read my blog.