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BOOK CALVIN EARL FOR A LIVE MUSIC CONCERT AND EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS - As a Jazz singer, acoustic guitarist & storyteller these programs tell my story that is interwoven and connected with the oral history of America's musical heritage and how it all began with the African American Spirituals. Building on my own dream it was my intention to ensure the enslaved Africans were credited by the United States government with having created America's first original immigrant musical art form. So in 2007,  I introduced and helped pass by unanimous vote historic Twin Resolutions in the US Congress, to honor the enslaved Africans for their contributions and gifts to our nation with our deepest gratitude and respect and recognize the African American Spiritual as a National Treasure. These programs are Educational and Entertaining. They are appropriate for Adults, University Students and for Grades K - 12. Programs are modified to be age appropriate. Watch News Coverage:



Calvin Earl - Americana Musician -Soundtrack Of Our Lives
Building On A Dream Diversity Programing


SPIRITUALS AS A NATIONAL TREASURE - This educational program is about the history and legacy of how the enslaved Africans in America created an original music known today as African American spirituals. Their original music created in the cotton fields of the Old South enabled them to secretly communicate routes on the UGRR, helped them to endure the labor intensive tasks they were given daily, teach their young, record their history and heal their pain. It was in the cotton fields in NC, I first heard this music sung by my elders who were sharecroppers and who sang as they worked in the fields and in church on Sunday mornings. My elders were only 1st and 2nd generation born free in America. I am only 3rd generation born free.This story will help you gain a better understanding of the meaning & methods used to create America’s first most recognizable original musical art form since the Colonies came into existence. In addition, their original music inspired and became the foundation of many popular American music genre’s including Blues, Jazz, Gospel, Folk, Country, R & B, Rock & Roll and others. Watch my interview with the City of Fairfax, VA with Rachael Roth about my program:






SONGS ON OUR ROAD TO FREEDOM - is the musical story of 'We The People' in a concert / lecture.  Experience a variety of America’s protest songs, African American Spirituals, and Freedom Songs of the Civil Rights Movement and much more. Communal singing has always been an intricate part of our multi cultural roots as Americans. Whether our ancestors arrived as willing immigrants or as immigrants by force, no matter what country we came from originally, music helped ground us and helped us feel connected to our new homeland. Singing together brings us together, strengthens our purpose and strengthens our community spirit by building a strong community that is inclusive of all of us. Music helps us feel that purpose with passion and dedication to ensure our nations principles belong to all of us. This program is 60 minutes plus time for Q & A. Watch Channel 16 Around Fairfax TV coverage:





Calvin Earl - Americana Music Show


SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES MUSIC CONCERT -  As a singer/songwriter, and acoustic guitarist I bring to life the simple beauty of America’s greatest songs. Choosing from the Americana music genres of Jazz, Blues, Standards, Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Country, Pop, Folk, Spirituals, Show Tunes and even a little Rock & Roll  it is my intention to bring the songwriters vision for his or her song to life. No digital enhancement, no gimmicks, no flashing lights, just a beautiful song enhanced with the elements of peace and love. Join me for an evening of relaxing & fun music of days gone by, energized with a little bit of soul. 60 minutes

THE SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES MUSIC CONCERT - can also be adapted, designed and personalized for private events, ZOOM parties, corporate events, cultivating community, conferences, garden parties, dance parties, masquerade balls, and more......COVID 19 restrictions apply.

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