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BOOK CALVIN EARL FOR HIS: “AMERICA'S MUSIC CULTURE SERIES" -  Since the beginning of time, music has connected us in ways that reveal our shared humanity no matter our culture, gender or age. Human beings have more in common than we have differences. Music helps us imagine our lives beyond who we are and what we know. America's Music Culture Series bring to life our shared humanity through music. Through music, it is my intention to dispel the false myths that divide us unnecessarily, bringing awareness and understanding to the relationship between America’s first original immigrant music, ‘The African American Spirituals’, and America's multiple music genres we all know and love that were inspired by the spirituals sound. Music brings us together, join Calvin in a fun and uplifting story of who we are, and who we can be as Americans. These programs are perfect for DEI: (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Programing) and are modified to be age appropriate. Watch News Coverage:

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MASTER CLASS African American Spirituals History - Through the art forms of music and storytelling, this educational program reveals the human story and history of America’s first most recognizable original immigrant musical art form. It was created by the enslaved Africans laboring in the cotton fields of the old South. Since the Colonies came into existence, this story will help you gain a better understanding of the meaning & methods used to create America’s first most recognizable original musical art form. In addition, you will learn how their original music became known as African American Spirituals as an American National Treasure in 2007.

I first heard this music from my elders, who were sharecroppers in the cotton fields of NC. They sang these songs as they worked in the fields and in church on Sunday mornings. My elders were only 1st and 2nd generation born free in America. I am 3rd generation born free. I was deeply inspired by my ancestors music, so in order to preserve their story, their original music and acknowledge their contributions in helping build a new nation, I took in upon myself in 2006 to ask and then help move the US Congress to honor the enslaved Africans for their contributions to our nation and recognize the African American Spirituals as a National Treasure. In February 2007 the Twin Resolutions passed by unanimous vote.
This interactive program will reveal why the enslaved Africans created an original music. You will also learn their music enabled the enslaved population to secretly communicate routes on the UGRR, help them heal their pain, endure the labor intensive tasks they were given daily, comfort their weary souls, teach their young, and keep an oral record of their history.   (60 minutes)    Watch my interview with Rachael Roth, Fairfax VA:

Calvin Earl - Master Class Music Of The Civil Rights Movement


MASTER CLASS Music Of The Civil Rights Movement -  After legalized slavery ended, America needed to face the fact their was a big gap between our nations founding ideals and the reality of the continuing social decay caused by the inequality of racial, social, and economic injustice that still existed. Freedom songs of the Civil Rights movement helped inspire us to connect our nations diverse immigrant cultures to connect to the message of the Movement. These songs helped reveal and inspire our hopes and dreams for an equality and justice for all humanity. 

Dr Martin Luther King Jr. stated “An important part of the mass meetings were the freedom songs. In a sense the freedom songs are the soul of the movement. They are more than just incantations of clever phrases designed to invigorate a campaign; they are as old as the history of the Negro in America. ‘We shall overcome, black and white together, we shall overcome someday’ is not just a song; it is a resolve. These songs bind us together, give us courage together, help us march together.” Congressman John Lewis, as a young man and his fellow SNCC students joined the Movement. John Lewis told me personally, that the Freedom Songs and Spirituals not only inspired him and his fellow Freedom Riders the courage to move through their treacherous journey to be the change they wanted to see. This Master Class highlights our collective human story with music intending to bring us to a better understanding of who we are, in the context of our American story. Join me in an uplifting class on the music of the Civil Rights Movement. (60 minutes) The Peoples Anthem:


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Music For Social Wellbeing - This program's purpose is for people to come together, to re-engage and uplift our shared humanity in our communities with music & storytelling. Simply put, helping us remember what we have in common, and get reacquainted with our neighbors again after the long COVID isolation. Change is inevitable, music helps us though that change and helps us imagine our lives beyond who we are and what we know, into who we will become. Music at its core is meant to connect us to our common humanity, and ignite our inner joy & love we all have within each of us.  Music selections are chosen from our very diverse American Songbook from Spirituals to Rock & Roll. There is something for everyone. Music and feeling like a community again, helps us cope with the current endless volatile news cycles of painful circumstances around the world. This program is perfect for your DEI: (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Programing). Calvin will be singing and storytelling for a fun and joyful gathering. (60 minutes)








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ALL PROGRAMS - Are perfect for your DEI: (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Programing). Music Connects Us Soul To Soul To Embrace Our Common Humanity And Social Well-Being.

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