Words Have The Power To Diminish Or Lift Up Ideas

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No one likes to talk about or recall the horrific unjust events of human history that have taken place around the world. However painful the history, it is foolish to believe that silence regarding any history will not impact history in the making. Silence is an action, and a cowardice action at that. Until you see yourself in others, you will never truly see yourself and know who you are. All change takes time. Most people I’ve meet of all races and colors don’t want to be considered only by their skin color, they want you to know the content of their character and the struggles & contributions of their ancestors. We don’t have to accept a label thrust upon us as a collective group or individual. Each of us is unique. So how do we move past the labels that cause so much pain and suffering even today? We can’t change history, but we can see our history from a broader perspective.

For those of us like myself whose ancestors were born into slavery and labeled 3/5th human at the time, have had a lasting affect on how we view ourselves as human beings. Until we view our beloved ancestors as they truly were, productive citizens who worked tirelessly along side the settlers to build a new nation, our lives will continue to be diminished to the color of our skin and false lies. This doesn’t have to be. know your history and see for yourself as the US Congress honors the slaves for their contributions to our nation with our deepest gratitude and respect and recognized the African American spiritual as a national treasure. WATCH THIS CSPAN VIDEO IT IS AMERICAN HISTORY!

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