Music Connects Us

Music connects us in a way that reveals our common humanity. This American music series is designed to bring awareness and understanding to the relationship between America’s first original music, America’s diverse cultural heritage and American history. In this music video blog, you will experience the legendary story of how the enslaved Africans in America created an original music known today as African American spirituals that enabled them to secretly communicate routes on the UGRR. Wade In The Water is a perfect example. Also these songs helped them daily to endure the labor intensive tasks they were given, teach their young, record their history and heal their pain. Their original music became the inspiration and the foundation of many popular American music genre’s including Blues, Jazz, Gospel, Folk, Country, Pop, R & B, Rock & Roll and others.Through performing arts programing we will explore America’s cultural diversity in our music in the context of history, and history in the making. 

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